What Makes Invisalign A Comparable To Regular Braces?

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There’s a new option when it comes to correcting crooked teeth, and it has left many people wondering if it does the same job as braces.

Traditional Braces VS Invisalign

For a long time, the only solution on hand was the traditional metal braces we’re all familiar with. These braces are affixed to our teeth and work to slowly put them in a proper alignment. However improper care of these metal braces are also known for issues with discomfort, plaque buildup, and other problems.

Even for people who take proper oral care, some still feel uncomfortable with how visible traditional braces are. Luckily now, there’s an alternative option to correct badly aligned teeth.

Invisalign is a new oral health device that is a modern take on braces. In fact, Invisalign has surpassed regular braces, and is now the best option when it comes to teeth straightening.

Why is Invisalign the new go-to for people who want discrete braces? These are the most common reasons:

Fast results

This one is a biggie for a lot of dental patients. For many adults, the aesthetically nature of the metal braces makes this long-term commitment a major pain to swallow.

But this isn’t a problem for Invisalign. Invisalign has a treatment course that for most patients only takes a single year to fix the problem of crooked teeth. For others, the maximum duration they’re looking at is about 18 months – still a drop in the bucket compared in comparison to having straightened teeth for the remainder of your life!

Less teeth damage

Metal braces can actually damage our teeth when not properly taken care of. This is because they make it really hard to keep good oral hygiene – like proper brushing and flossing – because they simply get in the way.

With Invisalign, this isn’t an issue, because unlike metal braces, Invisalign can be removed to do things like brushing, flossing and eating.

Cut back on visits to the dentist’s

Metal braces will require a trip back to the dentist or orthodontist every six weeks or so to make sure the braces are adjusted to your teeth. However, will Invisalign, you won’t be making these regular return trips. This is because you’ll be given a replacement set of Invisalign trays that you can replace on your teeth every two weeks. No trip to the dentist’s office required!

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