Introducing Svetlana Larazeva who discovered the confidence to smile away as she receives the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Mayor Allan Thompson.
Since immigrating to Canada 10 years ago, Svetlana has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime. A registered nurse and educator, Svetlana has authored an inspiring resource book for immigrants, The Sky is No Longer the Limit, through which she shares the many lessons she has learned about her adopted home with newcomers who can benefit from this information. 

Starting alone in a new land, with no relatives or friends to greet her, no knowledge of the English language and little money, she learned many lessons on her journey to her Canadian citizenship, professional recognition and personal success.. Through her personal efforts and volunteer involvement in many community organizations, she has helped hundreds of new immigrants integrate into their new home by teaching them about language, culture and finance, helping them navigate systems and gain recognition for foreign credentials 

Svetlana founded ImmPress Institute, an organization committed to helping immigrants "to dream more, learn more, do more and become more." Through ImmPress, Svetlana designs and delivers educational activities that support immigrants in becoming established in Canada.. ImmPress projects currently include among others, a guide for immigrants on succeeding in Canada, research on the lived experience of immigrant children, workshops for high school students, a train-the-trainer workshop series for ESL teachers, a book on the ABCs of Canada and the Faces of Ontario Almanac (essays and art depicting immigrant experiences in Ontario) among other valuable resources. 

HVD wishes her continued success in her present and future endeavours. 

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