Our Approach

We really are proud of our patients’ smiles. And that says a lot about our approach.

We work with every patient to help them achieve the oral health results that they want. To do this we have assembled a group of skilled and experienced dental professionals who work together as a team to understand your needs and develop an oral health plan to meet them. Your health and comfort are our primary concerns.

Our Approach - Bolton Dentist
You will work with one of our two dentists, Dr. Maureen Jutras or Dr. Geeta Gautham, who combine for over 27 years of dental experience. You will see one of our Hygienists, who average more than 16 years of experience. And because caring for our patients is so important, we have a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator, Susan Smythe, who is always available to make sure we are meeting all your needs.

The team’s experience is only one of the reasons our patients smile though. The other is that every member of the team knows that going to the dentist is not everyone’s favourite thing. That is why we all work to make every visit as comfortable as possible. Whether we need to take extra time to discuss and explain procedures, use our special “magic” Wand (a computerized anaesthetic dispenser) to help someone avoid the discomfort of a conventional needle, or introduce an anxious child to “Spot”, our dental puppet, we are always looking for ways to make your visit more comfortable.

But the biggest reason we are proud of our patient’s smiles is really quite simple. We care about them, and we like to see them happy.

If you are looking for a new dentist in the Bolton, Caledon or Nobleton area feel free to stop in and say “hi”, or call ahead at 905 857 3398 and book some time with Susan Smyth, our patient care coordinator, who can show you around the office and talk more about our approach. There is no obligation or cost, just an opportunity for you to decide if we are right for you.


Rubber Dams

You should know that contrary to what you may have experienced elsewhere, all sealants, fillings and root canal procedures are done using a rubber dam. If you haven’t had one before, a rubber dam can feel a little awkward at first. But there are many reasons why it is worthwhile to use them. Over the length of your procedure, the dam can actually make you feel more comfortable by preventing the ingestion of dental debris and wash water. It can also be an important aid in preventing the spread of infection. Finally using a rubber dam makes it easier for the dentist to focus on the work they are doing and studies have repeatedly shown it leads to better, longer lasting fillings.

Continuing Education

Dentistry is constantly changing. Techniques and materials are improved ever year. Continuing education enables our dentists and hygienists to offer a range of up to date services beyond routine preventive and restorative treatment. The whole team regularly attends continuing education courses and we use monthly staff meetings to share what is learned and keep everyone on the team up to date.

Protecting Your Health

Looking after your health is always a top priority for us. We take extensive measures to prevent the spread of infection within our office. To learn more about the steps that we take to protect you, click here.

Infection Prevention For Your Safety

Sometimes patients are concerned about the potential for illnesses to be spread in medical or dental facilities. Given the large numbers of people, and the presence of saliva and blood, this is a very important concern. When it comes to infection prevention, we always err on the side of caution. For us, this means that all staff and patients are considered potential sources of infection. Consequently, we pursue thorough disinfection and sterilization procedures after every visit, assuming any patient could have been highly contagious. This protects all subsequent patients in our office.

To achieve our safety goals, all staff members wear surgical gloves and waterproof “SARS-rated” masks when working in a patient’s mouth. All soaps used in the office are therapeutic disinfectants. Additionally you will find waterless hand disinfectants throughout the office.


See for yourself

At Humber Valley Dental, we believe very strongly in the importance of infection prevention and have chosen to take numerous steps to protect you and our other patients. We’d like to show you just how thorough we are:

The most important concern in infection control is the instruments we use. All instruments that come into contact with your mouth have been thoroughly sterilized.

In addition to sterilizing hand explorers, mirrors, and drill bits, we also put all air and water syringes, suction handles and tips, and the hand pieces that power the drill in the autoclave for sterilization.

We follow a maintenance schedule to check our equipments and ensure they are in good working condition. To ensure our equipments autoclave is working properly at all times, we include a test strip in every load that we sterilize. We also have an automated instrument washer that offers a better, safer and more thorough way to wash and disinfect our instruments.

It is also important to minimize the risk of infections being passed by the surfaces that you, the dentist, the assistant or the hygienist touch. Because we can’t sterilize things like the dental chair, counter tops, computer keyboards or phone handles in an autoclave, surfaces that get touched are cleaned with a disinfectant after every patient.

Because disinfection solutions are not 100% effective, frequently touched surfaces also get an extra plastic wrap, which is changed after each patient.

Infection prevention in any medical setting is very important for your safety. We take it very seriously at Humber Valley Dental.

Last Updated On 2021-10-23